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  • Next MWP Conversation: October 16
    Sen. Patricia Torres Ray and Nekima Levy Armstrong are keynote speakers for "Using Our Voice & Vote," October 16, Carondelet Center in St. Paul.
  • What's Inside our October 2018 issue on "Voice & Vote"?
  • We Are the Ones to Lead
    Editor's Letter: Habon Abdulle and others we have featured in this magazine know that politics and policy is about building relationships that help our community thrive. We are the change we seek. We are the ones to lead.
  • Voter registrations are surging in Minnesota, especially among young adults.
  • WOW: Encouraging East African Women Leaders
    Ilhan Omar says Habon Abdulle has created a space where community members can talk through their internalized barriers and “see those barriers  as not being real, but being something that we are creating for ourselves.” 
  • We Are All Criminals
    Conscious Mind: Emily Baxter turns the mirror to decision makers. "What would life be like for you if you were defined by your mistakes?” 
  • Twin Sisters in Public Service
    We talk to Winona County attorney Karin Sonneman and Growth & Justice director Jane Leonard. “It’s about actively working to bridge those divides, show how things are related, why we all need to work together.”
  • Make Housing a Priority When You Vote
    Act Now: Did you know a study found that 35 percent of Minnesota homeless women are without housing because they are escaping domestic abuse. Nelima Sitati Munene explains why housing needs to be a priority among those we elect in November.
  • Killing Us Softly
    Sagirah Shahid: Chronic stress and the health of Black women
  • Our ongoing general submissions from readers.
  • Who are you? What do you believe?
    Reader Response: Ranging from a 12-year-old breakdancer, to a women who turned to belly dancing to release the trauma of rape, to 100-year-old woman who once believed in heels and girdles
  • Big Picture Politics
    Senators Julie Rosen (R-Vernon Center) and Melisa Franzen (D-Edina) talk about the issues of omnibus bills, transparency, and new candidates in the upcoming state legislative election.
  • Column: Voting Is Non-Negotiable
    Shannon Drury: When I learned that half of the eligible adults in the United States don’t even bother to vote, I was as shocked as if I heard that 50 percent of people with giant diamonds flush them down the toilet.
  • Retrospective: Arvonne Fraser
    Think: Arvonne Fraser's proudest achievement was “putting women’s human rights on an international agenda.”
  • The U.S. Census 2020: data is used to funnel about $589 billion in federal spending to local communities. 
  • Telling Elizabeth Warren’s Story
    BookShelf: Local author Antonia Felix sees a pattern in the strong women in politics that she has profiled.
  • GoSeeDo: October 2018
    Art The Changes the World, the mixed race experience, Northern Minnesota conversations, history with police, and more.
  • Where can you find the Minnesota Women's Press magazine at October events?
  • Feminist on the Prairie
    Ashlee Moser: What would it mean to expand our understanding of a place like North Dakota to include its voices of feminist and progressive politics? 
  • Women’s Guide to Voting
    Michelle Witte, League of Women Voters Minnesota, submitted this timeline about how long it took for all women to win the right to vote.
  • Taking the Taboo Out of My Chronic Pain
    Sophia Myers-Kelley: I refuse to feel shame or guilt for sharing my story just because my pain is in a part of the body that makes some people uncomfortable to talk about.


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